put me in the list!

You can text Little Cups and put yourself into the waiting list. We usually have 50+ people in the waiting list. But don't you worry!

Even if you're 50th in the waiting list, it doesn't mean you need to wait. Once the litter is available, we're sending out texts to notify that they're available to view.

It's first come, first serve!

To join our list, please text/whatsapp us at +1-647-562-5622.

Make an appointment

Once puppies are ready to be re-homed, everyone will be contacted. This is when you text us to get your appointment.

However, the availability of the puppy is not guaranteed without a deposit. If you're unsure or unable to make a deposit, you should make an appointment as soon as possible. We also have shipping within Canada/USA. Even if you're unable to visit, we can arrange the face time between you and the puppy you're interested in.

Hurray! you now have a new family member