Chantelle & Oakley

We had such a great experience at Little Cups and would recommend them to anyone looking for the most adorable teacup poodle puppies.
They were so nice and welcomed us into their home which was exceptionally clean.
The puppies were loved and well cared for.
They were so knowledgeable about the puppies and answered all our questions. We never felt any pressure and were given all the time we needed to make a decision about a puppy.
It was very apparent  that they wanted the puppies to have a good home and that we were prepared to take on the responsibility
The puppies come with all their paperwork of where they were born they also have their first needle and a microchip.
All of the puppies were so cute but one little cream teacup poodle stole our heart. We decided to adopt him into our family.
We named him Oakley , he is small but mighty with a personality as big as the oak tree,he is part of our family tree now and his roots will only grow tighter around our hearts every single day. We  didn’t realize we were missing a part of our family until we met him and he has completed our curls of love.
Oakley was born April 21 , 2019.
I have attached pictures
Thank you for all your help making our family complete.



Discovering Little Cups was the best thing that happened to me this year. I saw the most precious picture of this tiny puppy and I knew I had to have him. I reached out to Little cups and all my questions were answered with the utmost professionalism and care. Once I arrived to meet Louie for the first time it was truly love at first sight. Little cups was extremely thorough and knowledgeable, they truly love these puppies and want the absolute best home for them. Even in the first few weeks of having Louie if I had any questions at all I could reach out to them and they would help me out. Louie is my absolute best friend, we do everything together. He has the best temperament, he is so snuggly and playful and loves to meet new people. I constantly get asked about where I got Louie and I always tell people about Little Cups and how amazing they really are. I couldn't have been happier with the entire process from start to finish, and I am forever grateful to Little Cups for bringing me my best friend.



I have been afraid of dogs all my life. I recently overcame my fear and was contemplating getting a dog. I wanted a small dog that didn’t shed. I wanted a dog that was calm as well. I saw pictures of Luna online. I fell in love!
Little Cups was the perfect fit. Luna is now 7 months old a she is a dream. She’s gorgeous and so lovely. I get stopped everywhere I go. People ask me all the time where they can find a dog like her. I always say Little Cups of course !



“I know how much you guys care for these pups. My vet says Rolly came from an excellent breeder. I'm just grateful for everything.. He looks even better and better every day!”

— Renee