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Taking my dog on a vacation

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

So, we've gotten asked a lot of questions regarding on taking your Little Cup on your vacation. Mostly it's if the puppy/dog needs a passport.

If you're located in Canada, the answer is 'No'. You do need a vet report from registered vet within 10 days prior to the departure date. You will also need a pet carrier depends on where your puppy/dog will be on the plane.

Because our Little Cups are small, they can fit right under your seat. If you plan on putting your dog under your seat, then you can use a soft-carrier.

If you're planning to leave your dog in the cargo area during the flight, you need a hard (plastic) carrier. The carrier must have enough room for your dog to lay down and stand. However, every airline has different size limit of the carrier. Please check your with your airline of choice to make sure before every flight!

Additional way to take your dog on the plan is to have your dog as ESA (Emotional Support Animal). If you have anxiety & depression, mood disorder, fear/phobias, post-traumatic stress disorder, etc, you can have your dog to comfort and support you on the plane. According to Air Canada, it is free of charge to bring your ESA dog on the plane and you can actually hold on to your dog on your lap while flying. While there is a size restriction for ESA dogs, your Little Cup won't have any problem.

Here are some helpful links about taking your ESA on different airlines:

Have a safe trip with your pet!

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